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We not only offer clean water solutions but also help with air filtration to give you and your family the clean water and air it deserves!

Todd Buchman, Owner and Operator of Captain Filtration, has been in the business since 1995! He has many years of experience, knowledge and a passion for healthy living. He takes great pride in providing clean water and air.

His story began in his own home in Maryland that had hard, iron-filled water. Todd became frustrated trying to find a company that could fix his own water problems. It seemed that every company he called did not fully understand the problem, yet still proposed that he purchase a pricey water treatment system with no promise that it would fix the issues. A plumber he knew said he could fix the water but even then he still had iron stains. Todd, determined to fix this problem, immediately became a member of Water Quality Association and got certified as a Certified Water Specialist, Certified Installer, and a Certified Sales Representative. He wanted to learn about water chemistry and proper treatment method to resolve water quality.

Todd started his own water treatment business in the early 2000’s. He continuously strives to be the absolutely best in water and air filtration with the most competitive prices, outstanding products and stellar customer service.

Our Mission

Is Captain Solutions Water Treatment. Todd took his education and knowledge of water treatment and his frustrating customer service experience and developed a company that provides real solutions and prides itself on superior customer service.
About Todd Buchman

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