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Marine Watermakers

Imagine you’re out on the water – enjoying your beautiful weekend with family and friends – and suddenly you realize your fresh water tanks are depleted! The only solution is to head to land for a fill-up. And once there, do you really trust the quality of water that you’re filling your tanks with? What if you had a system in place that could take seawater, and turn it directly into clean, refreshing water that is even safe to drink!

SK Watermakers LP Series for Low Power AC and DC applications does just that.


What is a Watermaker?

Introducing the Watermaker! A Watermaker, or Desalinator, is a device used in the Marine Industry to turn seawater into fresh, clean drinking water. This process is often done using a variety of means which may include Membranes, Filters, and Reverse Osmosis. Our wide selection of SK Watermakers makes it easy to find the perfect solution tailored directly to your needs. We have Watermakers that can produce as few as 6-8 gallons per hour and up to a few hundred gallons per hour!


We Install Marine Desalinators

It’s clean water you want, not the headache that comes from having to choose and install a Watermaker system. Let us come to you and we’ll find an SK Watermaker that fits your specific needs. And to make things even easier, we’ll install it for you!