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Complete Home Water Systems

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Complete Home Water Systems

Nobody would own a home without a front door. After all, your door is the barrier that keeps out bad weather, dust and other elements. So why let hard, impure water enter your home?

A Water Conditioning system is your family’s first line of defense against hardness elements, iron, rust, sediment, and a variety of other substances that may be present in your water. Hard water is one of the biggest culprits affecting everything from the functionality of your plumbing to the softness of your clothes and the taste of your drinking water.

Water is a key necessity in life. Without water, there would be no life as we know. Therefore, water is very important and we should all be concerned with the quality of our water from drinking water to washing the laundry.


 The Clean Water Difference

From the bathroom to the kitchen, the laundry room to the basement or garage, a Water Conditioning System from Captains Filtration will enhance the quality of water throughout your home, By removing hard water, Chemicals, Chlorine, and Chloramines, mineral build-up and a number of other dangerous substances. Add to that a Reverse Osmosis system for premium quality drinking water. With both systems, you will benefit from the way you feel after showering, to the performance of your appliances and the taste of your drinking water – enhancing the quality of your water will enhance the quality of your life!

Captain Filtration is dedicated to making sure we provide the solutions to treat and purify water that is healthy and chemical-free. Water makes up 50-65% of the human body, therefore it would be a benefit to everyone to invest in a beneficial method of obtaining clean water.