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Clean Water FAQ’s

FAQs about the Water Treatment Process

Will my water be “slippery” after being treated?

Water is only slippery when the pH level is too high. Skin, having its own natural oils, may feel a little slippery when wet. And, with untreated water you need soaps with oils and conditioners which can also cause water to feel slippery. All-natural soaps like Ivory and oatmeal-based are best. We’ve never met anyone that, after having clean water, didn’t like it!

Why does my water smell?

Odor in water can come from many sources. The smell of rotten eggs is natural and comes from the ground due to decaying organics. It can also be caused by your hot water heater.

Why do I have brown stains on my tub from my water?

Brown stains can come from iron or sediment. If they are hard to wipe off it is iron! There are many types of iron and the best way to determine what type it is – and the solution – is to have your water tested. For a free water treatment consultation fill out the form to the left!

I have a water softener. Is my water safe to drink?

Probably not. A water softener does not make good drinking water. The softener will remove hardness, iron, and a few other heavy metals. However, bacteria, arsenic, and nitrates are not filtered by a water softener.

Doesn’t my refrigerator filter remove bacteria and arsenic?

Unfortunately, no. Most refrigerators have carbon filters that work great on removing chlorine from city, town, or county water. However, bacteria will reproduce and grow in a carbon filter. Other problems, such as arsenic, will pass thru carbon. A reverse osmosis drinking water system hooked up to the refrigerator is the surest way to have safe drinking water. Captain Water Solutions Water Treatment is located in Sarasota, FL and serves Sarasota and Manatee Counties.

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