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Living With Soft, Clean Water

Skin will feel softer and hair will rinse cleaner with soft water. When unfiltered water is used in the common household, hard water residue is deposited on everything it contacts. Unsightly deposits leave stains on shower walls, toilets, sinks and fixtures. They leaves laundry dull and can damage garments quickly over time. Hard water leaves mineral deposits in your plumbing and will eventually lead to rusted, damaged piping and possible hot water heater failure. The need for expensive chemical cleaners is thus increased dramatically. Hard water is also one of the most common causes of dry, irritated skin, along with unhealthy, unmanageable hair. Luckily there is a solution. With the addition of a Water Filtration System from Captain Filtration you can eliminate these annoying and costly side effects.Living With Soft, Clean Water

Healthier Water for Drinking and Cooking

Feel better knowing your family is drinking clean, healthy water With purified drinking water using a combination of carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet exposure, you can rest assured that the water your family drinks is fresh, pure, and most importantly healthy. Water from the tap has never tasted better. Imagine the savings by filling your own purified water bottles! Experience the clean water difference when you prepare foods with the confidence that quality water brings. Clean and soft Water that tastes good, feels good and is purified of all particles, harmful chemicals and bacteria – This is what Captains Solutions brings into your home.

Save Time, Energy, and Money

Save money everywhere water is used in the house. Most people don’t realize that there is actually a monetary benefit to having clean water as well! Believe it or not, the need for expensive chemical cleaners is increased by as much as 70% because of hard water! With soft water your chemicals last longer! No longer will you find stains that require expensive chemicals and intense scrubbing. Furthermore, soap lathers easier in soft water. Many find that they cut their soap and detergent use in half! When you take into account that a recent survey discovered the average individual spends 17 to 21 cents of every dollar at the grocery store on cleaning supplies, you can quickly see how this begins to translate into huge savings! With an installed Water Conditioning and Filtration system from Captains Solutions, many begin to see an immediate saving on energy cost! You will find you use less water when bathing, doing laundry, and cleaning around the house. In addition the filtration system actually programs itself to predict your family’s water needs. By doing so it optimizes the output of clean filtered water for times of peak usage. The system uses less water, less regenerant and can adjust automatically for maximum efficiency.  

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